About us

TELEVISION TECHNIQUE is a company with years of experience in TV broadcasting system design, integration and installation domain.

The wide range of products and services from small 2-4 cam up to large 10-12 cam OB Vans, satellite Vans as well; various types of TV studios post-production, play-out studios, production, central master rooms, editing suites; mechanical constructions racks, consoles, monitor stacks, auxiliary equipment; refurbishment of old TV complexes.

The key strength of TELEVISION TECHNIQUE company is its ability to offer a whole system solution – select from worldwide range of existing products thus which appear to comply best to the client requirements, integrate them into a whole broadcasting complex, make air- conditioning, mains, lighting installation within time and cost limits.

Design, planning and implementation are focused on special operational needs of the customer. To provide full scope of services demanded by clients.
Television Technique company is associated with architects, civil engineers and specialists in the field of acoustics, air conditioning.

One of the essential parts of TV studios and OB Vans is mechanical constructions that are designed and manufactured according to the area layout and whole studio conception meeting the individual finishing and colour. All range of mechanical products can be offered racks, stacks, consoles, media storage systems, wall boxes, termination boards, custom panels, equipment mounting frames etc.

Clients – the biggest Television and Radio companies such as Azerbaijan TV&Radio Broadcasting Company, LifeNews, RBK-TV, NTV, TNT-Teleset, MIR, TV Centre, STS, Regional TV Companies in Russia, TV Companies of Belarus, TV Channel “Inter” (Kiev, Ukraine), State and private TV companies of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Armenia, Georgia, State of Kuwait, Qatar.